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Business runs on stories

Every ad. Every dashboard. Every pitch. Every report. Every website. For years, we've used word processors, spreadsheets and slides to tell those stories.


If we're lucky, there's a template or a reference sample. Usually we just build our assets keystroke by keystroke, mouse by mouse click, and swipe by swipe as our fingertips race the clock to get our story out before our source data changes.


Voice dictation helped, yet the onus was still on people to weave the story, the hapless cursor blinking, leaving us mere pixels from writer's block or racing some publication deadline to push that next report or submit that proposal.

Very often, the story itself got lost in the writing process itself -- no longer were we generating a SWOT analysis, we instead were aligning boxes on a page. The crisp promise of root cause analysis was lost to fiddling with shape widths. The notion of a lease abstract lost to the sticky notes added to the due diligence papers.

Yes, the businesses stories worth telling were lost to the tools used to tell them. Sloop helps you find that buried treasure in your data and make sure that story is the story that is told. Join us on this journey.

This Is How We Started



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analytics accelerator


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We've built, deployed, and operated many content analyzers. Fleet alerts, insurance news, government intel, natural and manmade disasters, and yes, web alerts too.

We grew frustrated with how cumbersome it was to track this same info for ourselves for every business we founded, worked at or partnered with.

Enter Sloop.

You matter to us. Your team matters to us. Our goal is to make sure that you always know what matters, and that we make it easy to do.

Unite in Numbers 







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Ready to tell better stories?

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